Try to control a cat who's trying to get back to his bed. Once in a while, the cat will do whatever he wants.

Code by Cindy + Henry :)

Art by Cindy + Henry :D

Music by Henry ~

Cat noises by Meowth :3

Authorscatware, moonbike
Made withPhaser


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You can duck and listen for the meow to tell when to get up, you wont get moved that way.

Cool but I don't think anyone will keep their attention on it long enough to keep playing. After a while of being thrown all the way back to the start the game is no longer interesting. The introduction took my by surprise though, really liked that part.

I tried to play, I got to this hard to get platform, then the cat ran off!, After that I could'nt get back on that platform, it makes me rage everytime I can't control the cat.

i like the jumping animation =))))))